//  Activity
2021  *  York University


2020  *  York University

3 Oct:  Lightning in a Bottle AltspaceVR talk, PXR 2020

26 May:  Building an Immersive Environment workshop, Ryerson Collaboratory

+  Studio for Creative Inquiry virtual artist-in-residence


2–20 Dec:  Traffic Flow III, Moment Variations, Charles Street Video, TO

2–3 May:  MS Mixed Reality Dev Days, Redmond

30 Apr:  Looking and Leaping: Hacking Spatial Computing talk, FITC, TO

+  27 Feb:  Verizon 5G EdTech Challenge grant for Mapper’s Delight

17–21 Jan:  Reality Virtually Hackathon, MIT Media Lab

Tech advisor, Ryerson Transmedia Zone

10–17 Nov:  Unity workshop, InterAccess, TO

25 Jul:  Volumetric 3D & 360 Video Research Discussion, Ryerson Collaboratory

9 May:  NAPLPS: An Adventure in New Media Art History talk, InterAccess, TO

7–21 Mar:  Unity workshop, TAIS, TO

16 Nov:  Lightning Artist Toolkit talk, Microsoft Vancouver

14 Nov:  Mapper’s Delight, Engadget Alternate Realities, LA (lead Unity dev)

18–25 Oct:  openFrameworks workshop, Electric Perfume, TO

+  18 Aug:  Engadget Alternate Realities prize for Mapper’s Delight

30 Jul–3 Aug:  Siggraph 2017, Los Angeles

29 Jul:  Jenny in the Self-Checkout Line, TAIS Animation Showcase, TO

9 Jul:  Vicious Circles, Curious Cabinets, Electric Perfume, TO

1 May:  lecture, OCAD, TO

24 Apr:  Lightning Artist Toolkit talk, FITC, TO

20 Apr:  Lightning Artist Toolkit talk, Toronto AI

29 Mar:  Lightning Artist Toolkit talk, CreateInTO

7 Mar:  Lightning Artist Toolkit talk, Toronto VR

26 Feb:  Lightning Artist Toolkit workshop, Versions Conference, NYC

20 Jan:  Lightning Artist Toolkit talk, New Inc Demo Day, NYC

16 Nov:  Quick, Draw!, Google Creative Lab, NYC (game design)

7–9 Oct:  Jenny in the Self-Checkout Line (wip), FoST Fest, NYC

6 Jun:  Anypixel.js, Google Creative Lab, NYC (animation)

5–9 Apr:  Some More World Games, Storefront, NYC (Unity dev)

Marvel: Battle for Avengers Tower, Gear VR app, NYC (Unity dev, sound R&D)

Universal Hip Hop Museum: Kurtis Blow, Cardboard app, NYC (Unity dev)

Carfax: Carfox, realtime character puppets, NYC (lead Unity dev, mocap supervision)

Merrell: Trailscape, installation, NYC (Unreal dev, sound design, mocap R&D)

19 Sep:  Indie VR panel, Ottawa Animation Festival

Volvo: Volvo Reality, Cardboard app, NYC (Unity dev)

FKA Twigs: #throughglass, music video, NYC (pipeline dev)

Marvel: Tony Stark’s Lab, Gear VR app, NYC (Unity dev, sound design)

Marriott: Teleporter, installation, NYC (Unreal dev, sound design, video R&D)

Beats: The Beats Pills, realtime character puppets, NYC (Unity dev)

Game of Thrones: Ascend the Wall, installation, NYC (lead sound design, Unity dev)

29 Oct:  KinectToPin demo, TO SIGGRAPH Industry Night, Toronto

17–19 May:  More Than Winning, NW Animation Fest, Portland, OR

10–11 Apr:  More Than Winning, Cleveland International Film Festival

23 Mar:  AEwriterjs demo, Tribeca Hacks: Archives, GAFFTA, SF

19 Jan–2 Feb:  Before the Flood, New Cinema Hackathon, Eyebeam, NYC

17–26 Jan:  various, Eyebeam 2013 Annual Showcase, NYC

+  Ontario Arts Council grant

2012  *  Eyebeam

9–10 Nov:  video performance, BEMF, Public Assembly, NYC

25 Oct:  KinectToPin demo, After Effects New York, NYC

29 Sep:  video performance, Ruckus 2012, Cooper Union, NYC

21 Sep:  lecture, Johnson State College, VT

29 Jul:  More Than Winning, Animation Block Party, NYC

29–30 Jun:  various, Eyebeam Summer 2012 Open Studios, NYC

+  22–25 Jun:  Audience prize for More Than Winning, Palm Springs ShortFest

11 May:  More Than Winning, Rooftop Films, NYC

+  29 Apr:  Jury prize for More Than Winning, ASIFA East Awards

24 Apr:  KinectToPin demo, FITC, TO

10 Jan:  More Than Winning, Kodak Theatre, NYC

+  Ontario Arts Council grant

+  Toronto Arts Council grant

+  Eyebeam Fellowship

+  Canada Council for the Arts research grant


23 Oct:  KinectToPin workshop, Art && Code, CMU

17–23 Oct:  residency, STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, CMU

+  17–18 Sep:  Jury prize for Nightmare Kitty, Maker Faire NYC (Flash dev)

+  24 Jun:  Jury prize for Interregnum, Palm Springs ShortFest

1 May:  Interregnum, Jerusalem Cinematheque, Jerusalem

1 Apr:  The Orange, IFFR touring program, Moscow

26 Jan–6 Feb:  The Orange, Rotterdam Film Festival

Highrise, ?, Toronto (animation)


12–14 Sep:  Interregnum, TIFF, Toronto

3–8 Aug:  The Orange, San Francisco Jewish Film Festival

16 Jul–1 Aug:  Traffic Flow II, Anima Mundi, Rio de Janeiro/São Paolo

31 Jul:  The Orange, Animation Block Party, NYC

1–6 Jun:  Traffic Flow II, Animafest Zagreb, Croatia

1–6 Jun:  The Orange, Worldwide Short Film Festival, Toronto

20 May:  various, Melwood Screening Room, Pittsburgh

14 May:  The Orange, Rooftop Films, NYC

+  14–18 Mar:  Jury prize for The Orange, SXSW, Austin, TX

+  Bravo!FACT production grant for Prior Art


6 Dec:  Traffic Flow II, Cinématèque Québécoise, Montreal

11 Nov:  Traffic Flow II, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto

14 Oct:  Governor General's Awards, National Arts Centre, Ottawa (animation)

1–10 Aug:  various, San Francisco Jewish Film Festival

26–28 Jan:  The Foxhole Manifesto, Rotterdam Film Festival

+  Ontario Arts Council grant

+  Toronto Arts Council grant

+  Canada Council for the Arts commission for Traffic Flow II


8 Nov:  The Foxhole Manifesto, GIRAF 4, Calgary

10–15 Jun:  The Foxhole Manifesto, Worldwide Short Film Festival, Toronto

1–3 Mar:  I Wanna Be Famous, New York Intl. Childrens' Film Festival, NYC

+  Bravo!FACT production grant for Interregnum

2007  *  Fulbright

19–23 Sep:  The Foxhole Manifesto, Ottawa Animation Festival

19 June:  The Foxhole Manifesto, Melbourne Animation Festival

13–15 Apr:  various, Philadelphia Film Festival

14 Feb:  A Good Joke, Cinématèque Québécoise, Montreal

28 Jan:  A Good Joke, Atlanta Jewish Film Festival, GA

2006  *  Fulbright

17–26 Nov:  A Good Joke, Exground Filmfest, Wiesbaden, Germany

20 Oct:  The Foxhole Manifesto, Speak/See, Los Angeles

20–24 Sep:  A Good Joke, Ottawa Animation Festival

24–26 Aug:  A Good Joke, Impakt Festival, Utrecht

20 Jul–5 Aug:  A Good Joke, San Francisco Jewish Film Festival

14–20 Jul:  I Wanna Be Famous, Juste Pour Rire, Montreal

20–25 May:  The Option of War, Melbourne Animation Festival

5 May:  A Good Joke, Internationale Kurzfilmtage, Oberhausen

21 Apr:  The Little Bird of Disaster, Images Festival, Toronto

8 Apr:  A Good Joke, Alice's 3–Minute Film Festival, SF

7–10 Apr:  The Option of War, Philadelphia Film Festival

2 Mar:  A Good Joke, NY Jewish Student Film Festival, NYC

28 Feb:  various, POV Film Festival, Oakland, CA

11 Feb:  The Option of War, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Halifax

3 Feb:  The Option of War, Axiom Theater, Houston, TX

30 Jan:  The Option of War, 111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco

+  Fulbright Fellowship, Netherlands


3–6 Nov:  video performance, Orlando Puppet Festival, FL

21–25 Sep:  The Option of War, Ottawa Animation Festival

8–17 Sep:  Wunderkabinet, The Lab, SF (projections)

25 May:  video performance, The Frying Pan, NYC

19 May:  video performance, La Sala Rossa, Montreal

25 Mar:  The Story of Enoch, CBC TV, Canada

12 Feb:  video performance, Electric Tractor, Montreal

3–7 Feb:  video performance, Wisconsin Union Theater, Madison, WI

26 Jan–6 Feb:  The Little Bird of Disaster, Rotterdam Film Festival

+  West Virginia Commission on the Arts grant

2004  *  CalArts >> NFB

26 Jun:  Disarmed, Museum of Architecture, Wroclaw, Poland

18 Jun:  Disarmed, Student Cultural Center, Belgrade

21–22 May:  Les Soeurs de Mélasse, The Mockbee, Cincinatti, OH

7 May:  The Story of Enoch, Goldenson Theater, Los Angeles

4 Apr:  After Supremacy, Mills College, Oakland, CA

3 Apr:  Les Soeurs de Mélasse, IDEAS Festival, Bloomington, IN

12 Feb:  video performance, Electric Tractor, Montreal

31 Jan:  After Supremacy, Redcat Theater, Los Angeles

16 Jan–28 Feb:  various, ATHICA, Athens, GA

1–31 Jan:  The Story of Enoch, NL Ministry of Education, The Hague

2003  *  CalArts

12 Dec:  After Supremacy, 23 Windows, NYC

6 Nov:  Disarmed, CBC TV, Canada

31 Oct:  Poe at Halloween, Unity Theatre, Liverpool (projections)

2 Oct:  The Story of Enoch, Salto TV, Netherlands

26 Sep:  Elegy, SAW Video, Ottawa

18 Sep:  various, Interior Exteriors, Toronto

12 Sep:  Mother of All Bombs, Chicago Motion Graphics Festival

1 Sep:  various, Camera Obscura, Sydney

1 Sep:  various, Comic Festival Graz, Austria

3–31 Jul:  Peace Through Strength, Salto TV, Netherlands

14 Jun–21 Sep:  Disarmed, South Bend Regional Museum, South Bend, IN

9 May:  Disarmed, Dance Camera West, Los Angeles

9 May:  Bird's Eye Bull's Eye, Goldenson Theater, Los Angeles

4–23 May:  various, Tel Aviv Cinemateque, Tel Aviv

25 Apr:  Disarmed, VideoMedeja, Novi Sad, Serbia

16 Apr:  Peace Through Strength, Images Festival, Toronto

25 Mar:  Manipulations, Jerusalem Cinemateque, Jerusalem

22 Feb:  various, Love Art & War, Rhizome.org, NYC

31 Jan–8 Feb:  Disarmed, Immedia 8, Ann Arbor, MI

+  Pennsylvania Council on the Arts grant

2002  *  CalArts

20–26 Nov:  various, Video Zone Bienniale, Tel Aviv

4 Oct:  Peace Through Strength, Centre Pompidou, Paris

30 Sep–6 Oct:  Peace Through Strength, Centre Culturel Canadien, Paris

8–16 Sep:  Peace Through Strength, Brown University, Providence, RI

4–28 Sep:  Peace Through Strength, ARC Gallery, Chicago

9 Jul:  various, Film Kitchen, Melwood Screening Room, Pittsburgh

17 May–9 Jun:  Riddley Walker, Pittsburgh Playhouse (projections, sound)

25–28 Apr:  Corridors, Pittsburgh Playhouse (projections)

Boxed In, Festival d’Avignon (projections)


13–16 Dec:  Sin, Kelly Strayhorn Theater, Pittsburgh (projections)

27 Dec:  This Ain't the Nutcracker, Byham Theatre, Pittsburgh (projections)

23 Nov–23 Dec:  Burn, City Theatre, Pittsburgh (projections)

13 Nov:  various, Film Kitchen, Melwood Screening Room, Pittsburgh

6 Nov:  One New Message, Columbia College, Chicago

23 Aug–23 Sep:  Aleph/Bet, Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh

Jul:  Macbeth workshop, Actors Theatre, Louisville (projections)

15–24 Jun:  Six Characters..., Quantum Theatre, Pittsburgh (video, sound)

14–17 Jun:  Overseas English Conversation, Pittsburgh Playhouse (projections)

13 Jun:  BurtVirus, Spinning Plate Gallery, Pittsburgh

1 Jun–11 Jul:  Parasite, Three Rivers Film Festival, Pittsburgh (sound)

Jun:  Movatar, ?, Pittsburgh (show control)

+  Pennsylvania Council on the Arts grant


31 Dec:  Regrets Only, Roberto Clemente Bridge, Pittsburgh (projections)

15 Dec:  various, Horizons Gallery, Pittsburgh

6 Nov:  One New Message, Columbia College, Chicago

22 Aug–29 Sep:  The Load, CMU, Pittsburgh (sound)

19–21 May:  various, OVRMAC, Cuyahoga Valley, OH

16 May:  various, California State University, Chico, CA

Apr:  Neck and Neck, Byham Theatre, Pittsburgh (projections)

22–24 Mar:  Inside America, CMU, Pittsburgh (sound)

29 Feb–26 Mar:  Squonk, Helen Hayes Theatre, NYC (projections)

8 Jan:  various, Digital Cinema Expo, Cleveland, OH

1999  *  CMU >> Pittsburgh Filmmakers

15 Sep:  Terminal Time (animation), Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh

15 Sep:  Fast Voyeur, Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh

14 Sep:  various, Film Kitchen, Melwood Screening Room, Pittsburgh

14 Aug:  various, T Room Gallery, Pittsburgh

1–30 Apr:  various, The Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh

6–10 Apr:  Manipulations, Ellis Gallery, CMU, Pittsburgh

1998  *  CMU

13 Nov:  An Iconoclast, Frame Gallery, CMU, Pittsburgh

20 May:  High Places, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam

12 May:  Verbindingsstreepje, Paradiso Concert Hall, Amsterdam